Monday, August 13, 2012

Commentary on Speed Limit Increase

I read Thomas Brown's post, 85 MPH is plenty safe, on his blog Thomas Brown's Texas Government Blog. I had heard about this policy before and the people that mentioned it seemed to be in favor of it because they would travel on highway 130. From what they tell me, there are sections on the highway where it is very tempting to just fly by but many officers are just waiting issue the speeding ticket along the highway. This is my comment on his post:

"Texas is such a huge state and it takes a long time to travel. I usually travel from Austin down to the valley and it takes about 6 hours when following the speed limit. Even then the section of between Robstown and Kingsville on highway 77 is set up with speed traps. Once you reach Kingsville the speed limit drops to 35 miles per hour in a couple miles. I think Texas should try to increase the speed limits in rural highways were there is not a lot of traffic. When I travel I usually see people traveling at higher speeds than the speed limit. I hope Texas improves its highways and considers increasing speed limits in rural highways."

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