Friday, July 20, 2012

Austin Energy Fairness

I read the editorial Don't turn to state for energy fairness from the Austin American Statesman where the author states that the Texas Legislature is pending on a decision to increase the utility rates for customers who live outside of Austin.

I believe the author is targeting local Austin Energy customers to inform themselves about the upcoming situation and to respond to the necessary people in order to produce a solution. The author says, "The Legislature should leave it to the Austin City Council, Austin Energy's suburban customers, our local state delegation and utility officials to find the best way to protect ratepayers who live outside the city." After saying that, the author suggests that the management of the utility should change from the City Council to an independent board of trustees, which would include suburban representatives.

The author stated many important details relating to the Texas Legislature and Austin Energy funds. The author mentions an Austin Energy project, which is claimed to return and "haunt Austin ratepayers." Apart from being very knowledgeable about the situation, the author is writing for the Austin American Statesman, which is a big source of news for central Texas. Therefore, I believe the author presents facts well enough to claim credibility.

The author argues that the current method of dealing with energy utilities is flawed. The author argues that the Legislature should step away from making decisions and leave it to a local board or delegation. The author shows how CPS Energy from San Antonio could be a model for Austin since "CPS is governed by a five-member board consisting of four citizens from different parts of the city and the mayor."

This editorial is an interesting read because the author shows some detailed information when comparing Austin Energy to CPS Energy.

Editorial Board. "Don't turn to state for energy fairness." Austin American Statesman. Editorial. Published July 13, 2012. Accessed July 20, 2012.

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